Gandía: La regulación de la participación y transparencia…

Presentación Lorenzo Cotino del Curso UV Gandía [aquí]

La regulación de la transparencia, la participación, el gobierno abierto y la incorporación de las nuevas tecnologías

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Makori el diciembre 23rd, 2015 a las 9:56 pm #

I have learned alot from patrpciiating in the development of a community organic garden. With that, we have had demonstrations from time to time by local chefs showing just how easy it can be to cook with better ingredients. I believe that it is the fear of the unknown that keeps us in the rut of not eating as good as we should. This is why we started a Children’s Garden where we expose children from an early age to vegetables and fruits that they may never experience otherwise. When children are involved with the process of growing the item or cooking with it, they are much more likely to taste it.

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